What the critics are saying...

"Nature at it's finest; romantic, emotional and raw. These unique and creative photographs and designs will catch your eye every time you pass them by on the wall. They are such great gift ideas, too."

~Veronica Vinieratos, Critic

"Proving that NYC is not just a concrete jungle, Laura Lofaro shares with us the beauty of nature that is all around us and forces us to look deeper at what we truly can see when we use our imagination.  Her work is inspiring, unique and a must-have for any fan of photography."

~Alison Kero, Critic

"A self-taught photographer with a keen eye toward the sky, Laura demonstrates a rare talent of discovery within everyday surroundings. She utilizes the lens and computer to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. She captures the true meaning of 'outsider art'."

~Anonymous, Critic