About Arbor Arts NYC

     Arbor Arts NYC is comprised of all original photography by Brooklyn-based artist, Laura Lofaro. It is distinctive and nature-oriented "tree art."  The concept originated while strolling through Prospect Park, admiring the beauty of the bare branches in winter and thinking of a gift for a loved one. Surveying the tree branches from various angles, she started to discover letters and created her first personalized gift in May 2008.  Since then, she has built an extensive collection of the alphabet in variations (upper and lowercase, different backgrounds, etc.) which evolved into the development of Arbor Arts NYC. 

     Besides being admired, these trees have inspired.  Arbor Arts NYC is growing- branching out, if you will- to incorporate tree art and other forms of nature in a variety of products.  Current available products include matted prints, framed prints, framed words (which can be personalized), greeting cards, magnets, and coasters.  Other items can be designed, such as flower pots, business card holders, wooden initials, etc., by decoupaging tree letters and background scenery- these make treasured gifts.  Products can be purchased as pieces of unique art for home decor and/or original gifts for someone special.

     This work is a tribute to that which forms and develops in nature, untouched by humans, and admired for its presence.  Each branch twists and turns in its own way, collectively forming a one-of-a-kind tree.  No matter what species, each is unique.  Honoring and respecting their varieties, we can come to realize that trees are not unlike humankind.  Diversity is ever-present, and if it weren't for difference- in growth formation, appearance, and perspective- this art would not have been possible.  Nature is a gift for all to share.  This "tree art" is a celebration of our existence and an appreciation of the many differences within a world of beauty.   

     Arbor Arts NYC was proud to have been a featured vendor last Spring
at the popular outdoor Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene.  Additional art fair dates are not scheduled at this time, but online orders are being accepted.  Arbor Arts NYC will also be showcasing and donating 3 pieces to a silent auction fundraiser at the annual Society for Disability Studies conference in June 2010.